How to Rebound from Bad Grades


Hi, all. Today, we’ll be discussing the dreaded bad grades and, more importantly, strategies for moving on.

So, you either have or have not put in the hours of studying, taken the test, and…you’ve gotten a “bad grade.” Your definition of a bad grade might not match someone else’s definition of poor performance, but, at the moment, that doesn’t matter. You have the grade now, and you’re dissatisfied —  maybe even disheartened.

Maybe you put in hours of studying or chose to stay in the library rather than go to that fun event last weekend. Maybe you pulled a frantic all nighter the day before the exam. Either way, the reality is: you have this less-than-satisfactory grade, and what matters is what you do next.

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5 Tips for Choosing a College Major


Choosing a college major can be a stressful process. Here on our campus, students are getting ready to finalize their major decisions, and there is definitely a general air of concern surrounding the process. While many colleges and universities require different declaration timelines — some strongly recommend declaring before entering while others like University of California Santa Cruz allow you to wait until your third year before formally declaring — the process can be stressful regardless of timing.

Whether you are still in high school or currently in college, I hope the following tips help you!

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