The Power of Setting Goals and How to Achieve Them

Most people begin the new year ready for change. They purchase gym memberships, find a new hobby, or touch up their resumes, but research names the second Friday in January as Quitter’s Day, the day when people begin to lose motivation with their New Year’s Resolutions. Goals are so important. They give us direction, make us think past the present moment, and allow us to actively to take steps towards self-improvement. That being said, it can be so difficult to stick to them and stay motivated. After the initial burst of excitement passes, it becomes harder and harder to not want to give up, but often this is a product of the way people go about achieving their goals.

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Insomnia and Stress: Coping Mechanisms

insomnia and stress

Hello, friends! I want to talk about something that’s affected me on and off over the past few years — and, yes, I know, a very cheery topic for the day after Christmas (for those who celebrate), but it’s an important one that I wish to address. Although – knock wood – I’ve been overall pretty lucky with sleep, there have definitely been nights where insomnia and stress were unavoidable. I want to share some techniques I use to cope with these issues in the hopes that they help some of you!

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