Waiting for MCAT Scores: Do’s and Don’ts

You took the MCAT! Yay! Now you can relax, hangout with your friends, and binge watch Netflix. Once that feeling of being done with the actual test fades, the anxiety of waiting for the scores begins. It’s a hard feeling, I know. The MCAT is an important exam for your medical school application and while you are waiting for your scores, there is nothing else that can be done. In order to stay sane, I recommend there are some things you want to do and others you want to avoid.


Stay Calm

It is totally normal to be worried about your score, but as someone who is constantly in a state of worrying, it is important for to realize that no amount of worrying will change anything. You won’t get your scores faster, your scores won’t be different, and you won’t be any happier. At this point, it is what it is. So instead of imagining the worst possible scenario for the umpteenth time, try to take your mind off of it. Try to realize that the worse possible scenario that you are imagining is probably so unlikely and almost definitely won’t happen. The MCAT is just a test and while it is important, it’s not that important. If you don’t do well, the sun will still shine, your family will still love you, and you can definitely recover from it.

Live Your Life

Similar to staying calm, keep living your life. If you keep taking care of your responsibilities and going about your normal routine, the days until your scores are released will go by so quickly. The dreaded month will be over. When I was waiting for my scores, I would do my best to not think about it at all. Just mark the date on your calendar and think about it then. Though it is easier said than done, keep moving forward and don’t think about the questions you may have gotten wrong or the preparation you wish you had done. This will hurt more than it helps. You took the MCAT. That is a HUGE accomplishment, so treat yourself accordingly.


Tell Everyone That You are Expecting Scores

I personally found that telling people that I was expecting scores added pressure for me. People would ask me if they came yet and how they went, and it just make me more stressed about the while thing. If I didn’t do too well, I would have to tell everyone the news. That was just added pressure that I didn’t need. My family and a few close friends knew, but I certainly didn’t want to broadcast it to the world. Do what best suits you, but this is my advice from my own experiences.

Read Reddit MCAT Threads

This may be a peculiar piece of advice but this was a huge mistake I made when I was waiting for my scores. To be fair to Reddit, there are definitely helpful threads concerning the MCAT, that rate resources and work through tricky questions. Definitely read those, but they also have threads for each MCAT exam day, which I wouldn’t recommend. People that also took the exam react to it and give their opinions. To some it might be reassuring, but it really stressed me out. I would advise to steer clear of them, but that’s just me!

Let us know some of your MCAT do’s and don’ts in the comments below!lo-copy-1 Waiting for MCAT Scores: Do's and Don'ts

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