Staying Motivated

Whether it’s school, work, or your personal life, there will inevitably be obstacles and difficulties that test your motivation. To succeed, we must move past them, but that’s much easier said than done. We have all come to the point of almost giving up but then found that last bit of motivation to persevere and continue. Staying motivated can be difficult and requires some self reflection, there are definitely ways to find it.


Everything we do has a purpose behind it. Whether it’s to get a degree, earn a stable income, or the ultimate purpose, happiness. That being said, when it gets rough, we often forget. We get caught up in the grind and the day to day struggles and forget that there is a greater purpose. Use this purpose to stay motivated. Remember why you are working so hard and what goals you are trying to achieve. This will keep you going when your morale is low. This reflection will also allow you to decide whether your objective is worth it or if you ultimately need to move on to a new endeavor.

EVERYTHING COMES TO AN ENDsydney-rae-408416 Staying Motivated

My parents always tell me this when I’m facing rough times. Nothing lasts forever. While you may be feeling down on yourself now or dealing with hardship, it has to come to an end eventually. As long as you keep working hard, you will overcome whatever is troubling you. Realize that there is an end in sight and you will get there even though it doesn’t always feel that way.


When working or studying hard, it is easy to get overwhelmed and burn out, but taking breaks can help prevent this. Though it isn’t always feasible, try to take time and do something you enjoy. This will refresh your mind and help you better focus on the tasks at hand. It is so important to take care of yourself and your mind and occasionally reward yourself. You’ve been working hard and you deserve it!

It is certainly not easy staying motivated, but there are many ways to do so. Let us know in the comments below what your personal motivation strategies are!


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