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It was a struggle to get here, but it’s finally Friday! Although exams are just around the corner, let’s try to enjoy the weekend and the fact that it’s almost winter.

I found the best way to stay calm during finals period is to listen to holiday music while I study. December is my month, and not even exams are going to ruin that. This time of year can get frustrating and discouraging (that’s why I’m writing and not studying), but nonetheless we must persevere. Think of all the holiday fun that lies ahead!

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this weekend:

  • Time Magazine’s Person of the Year: I definitely think it’s fitting.
  • learning to play the ukelele is my new obsession (it’ll have to wait until after finals…), so I have begun to procrastinate by googling chords for some of my fave songs – if you are interested, check out these starter ukeleles.
  • to blow off some steam, I have started the show Hellcats on the CW seed. It is the epitome of the 2000s and to be honest, I kinda like that. If you’re a Hellcats fan, let me know in the comments!


This is a simple one: do something you like. The end of the semester brings stress but in order to deal with it, we have to balance the things we don’t like (studying) with the things we do like (I just went to Chipotle). Good luck and remember: you got this!

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