4 Reasons Being Single is Awesome

As someone who grew up inhaling rom-coms and teen paranormal romance books (you know you liked them too), I always put  pressure on myself to be in a relationship. Often, I felt like the main purpose of life was to find someone to be with. Writing this now, I realize how silly that is. I really like who I am and as I grow up, I realize that I like being alone. I’m the type of person that needs a lot of space and being in a relationship would inevitably complicate that. While I am sure I’ll be in relationship eventually, I am going to enjoy this time alone and focus on myself. Here are some reasons being single is amazing.


nathan-dumlao-378988-683x1024 4 Reasons Being Single is Awesome

This is definitely the biggest positive for me. When you are not in a relationship, you can do whatever you want (within reason, of course). You don’t constantly have to consult someone about your plans, as well as make plans around someone else’s schedule. You get to choose what you eat, what shows you watch, and what activities you do without having to potentially consult and compromise with someone else. As a busy college student, it’s difficult to schedule in downtime already, let alone scheduling around someone else’s life.


As a single person you are free to hangout and hookup with whomever you like. You obviously don’t have to do anything if you don’t want to, but you have the option to. You can flirt and have fun without worrying about how your significant other would feel. College is a time where there are so many attractive, educated, people around your age in one space, something that might not happen often in your adulthood. You should take advantage of it. Party, have fun and meet people!

3. SAVE A LOT OF MONEYfabian-blank-78637 4 Reasons Being Single is Awesome

Everything is so expensive these days and having a significant other can really add to that. A lot of money tends to be spent on holiday gifts, birthday gifts, anniversary gifts, and dinners and trips out. While all of these are great chances to celebrate and enjoy the company of your significant other, the costs really do add up. Being single, I definitely have more money to save and more money to spend on items I want (mostly Chipotle burritos…).


Finally, you get to focus on you. When you are in a relationship, you have to make sure to be attentive and responsive to your significant other and at times, your needs may fall through the cracks. You are so important and the great thing about being single, is that you can use you energy and spend it on your personal growth and development. When the time is right, you will ideally meet someone that helps you improve and makes you want to be a better person, but as a single person, you can devote your own energy to it.


Being single tends to get some bad publicity, which we need to combat. When you are single, life is less complicated than it would be in a relationship. This post is in no way denouncing relationships (those are great too) but shining light on the best parts of being single. In the future, when you are in a relationship, you may occasionally long for the days of singledom, so embrace it now! Tell us your thoughts on being single in the comments below! If you want to hear more from twentyventures, subscribe to us on our home page.

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