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Happy Friday!

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It’s the first day of December and I’m feeling the holiday spirit. Although finals are coming, I’m choosing to focus on the positives: holiday music, family time, and secret Santa (my favorite!). Here are a few things I have  stumbled upon this weekend and want to share.

  • I rediscovered this video and can’t get the song out of my head. Her voice is so clear and I’m in love with the ukelele (my Christmas gift to myself!).
  • This video also made me smile, even though it’s a bit peculiar. I like seeing celebrities do little things like this.
  • As I mentioned in our November Favorites, I have become obsessed with joggers, specifically this pair.

I put up my tree during the break, which was loads of fun and very satisfying. I also caught wind of this new Christmas tree trend; let me know what you think in the comments below!

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This weekend we challenge you to do some reflection. We are constantly going and rarely stop to think about all that we have done as well as all that we hope to accomplish in the future. This weekend, take some time to yourself and just think. Think about your life, your inspiration, and your purpose. Sometimes we need to step back and breathe in order to get the strength to continue.


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