Nine November Favorites (2017)

november favorites

Hi, all! Hope your Novembers were great. Here are some November favorites from this month:


IMG_3579-e1509333918749 Nine November Favorites (2017)

Okay, the heading for this one is in quotation marks because technically these are dessert breads and/or cakes (depending on how accurate you wish to be). This month, I squeezed in a fair amount of baking, and I’ve been loving one bowl breads such as this banana bread because a) they’re delicious b) it’s so simple to dump everything in a pan and call it a day.


mainpage+atlas+wolves Nine November Favorites (2017)
I discovered this comic weeks ago and powered through it in one sitting. The art is beautiful, and the storyline is fascinating — I have so, so many questions and cannot wait to read the next installment.

Plot summary from the site:

Scurry is the story of a colony of mice in an abandoned house who are struggling to survive a long, strange winter. The humans are all gone and the sun is rarely seen. As food becomes scarce and many mice fall ill, the scavengers are forced to search farther from their home, braving monster infested lands in search of anything that will help the colony survive another day. 


november Nine November Favorites (2017)

I’ve always loved collecting stationary and doodling, so this month, I decided to try jotting things down. Usually, I rely (heavily) on my calendar app to keep track of everything and, er, my brain to remember assignments (note: the latter is definitely not the best way to stay organized!), but it was particularly cathartic to write things down and then check them off. The ability to doodle didn’t hurt, of course.


IMG_5330.jpg-1 Nine November Favorites (2017)

Finals period is fast approaching, so I’ll be spending a lot of time in the library in the upcoming weeks. Fortunately, our campus has several libraries, and I like to rotate between them to change things up a bit. Lately, I’ve been really enjoying studying in the largest of the libraries, as its interior is full of beautiful sculptures and paintings — really, it’s almost more of a museum than a library, and I’m very grateful to have access to it!


todoist Nine November Favorites (2017)

I am obsessed with lists. I like to have goals for the day, goals for the week, goals for the semester, you name it! It’s very easy for me to get distracted, disorganized, and off track so I need a way to maintain order in my life. The app Todoist does exactly that. In the app, I can make all the lists I need, for weeks to come as well as different categories for different projects. You also get points for all the tasks you cross off your list and get super cool names when you pass different levels. Right now, I’m a Todoist Karma Expert. I highly recommend this app for any college student or professional who needs a little bit more order in their lives.

6. THE BOLD TYPEbold-type Nine November Favorites (2017)

I must confess that I did not discover this in November, but I finally finished the first season and am absolutely in love with it. This show follows three women in NYC working at a fashion magazine, navigating life in their twenties (kind of like we are). It is super empowering and shows the strength of women. I love it because of the intersectionality that this series has when compared to other similar shows. If you are looking for a little girl power and a show to watch over Christmas break, this is definitely for you!


Think-Tank-1600x900 Nine November Favorites (2017)

I’ve been a loyal viewer of Think Tank since I was a sophomore in high school. It is an Youtube show under the umbrella of The Young Turks, which discusses interesting topics that range from politics to sex to random interesting new stories. It’ super entertaining, the hosts make me laugh, and the stories are really interesting. I don’t know of anything else on the internet like this and encourage you to check it out.


Joggers are a college student’s dream come true. They are super comfy sweatpants but they look presentable. I feel like most women struggle between comfort and fashion and these pants help bridge the gap. Also, I love the variety of shoe options that can be worn with them. With traditional sweatpants, you can only really wear sneakers or you’d look a bit weird (in my opinion, at least) but with joggers you can wear sneakers, boots, flats, etc. These are my favorite addition to my closet this month and I’m so in love with them.


It’s that time of year. The weather is changing and it’s getting a bit chilly outside and my hands are in desperate need of protection. Gloves are useful, but they also signal to me the beginning of the holiday season. It’s my favorite time of year and when gloves start to come back in season, I think about all the fun family activities, the Christmas trees and lights, and the end of the semester (which I’m really excited for).

I hope you all enjoyed reading about these November favorites! Let us know in the comments what you enjoyed this month 🙂

lo-copy-1-150x150 Nine November Favorites (2017)

pinit_fg_en_rect_red_28 Nine November Favorites (2017)

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