Thanksgiving Activities, Part Two: Campus Thanksgiving


Hi, all! Maya kicked off part one of our 2017 Thanksgiving Activities series, and I’m here to share how to make the most of your on-campus Thanksgiving.


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Congratulations! You’ve made it to Thanksgiving break. Even if you aren’t going home, now is a time to relax and let yourself decompress after stressful times either in school or work. Find something that makes you happy and pursue it! Personally, I’m a big fan of being cozy, so I’ll treat myself with a warm mug of apple cider, a donut, and wrap myself until I resemble a fuzzy, misshapen burrito. I’ll also put on a great show and relax.

Do whatever helps you unwind — you deserve to be happy and healthy!


As mentioned in our October favorites, Maya and I are a big fan of fall. There are likely significant numbers of people also remaining on campus for the break, so gather some friends and take a field trip out to a pumpkin patch, farmer’s market, or to a local grocery store to pick up ingredients for a cozy night in (or out!).

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As kingfishers catch fire, dragonflies draw flame;
As tumbled over rim in roundy wells
Stones ring; like each tucked string tells, each hung bell’s
Bow swung finds tongue to fling out broad its name;
–Gerard Manley Hopkins

When classes are going, it’s hard to find the time to leave campus and explore surrounding neighborhoods. Grab a few friends – or not! – and venture out there. Take a camera, a sketchbook, a journal, and scribble thoughts down as you walk (safely, please). You don’t have to have a specific destination in mind. It’s helpful to remind yourself that there is more outside of the campus, which, depending on your college, can sometimes feel like a bubble.

I know I’m way too guilty of shutting myself in various buildings during the semester, and it’s important to actually step outside and experience nature.


Okay, so this isn’t quite a “fun” activity (maybe), but if you’re going to be on campus, you might as well make the most of it and…do laundry!

(Yes, I am strategically slipping this tip into the middle of the post.)

But, in all seriousness, it’s time to make sure everything is in order. Do that laundry you might have been, uh, holding off on while you were caught up with classes, sports, or whatever other term time activities you pursue. Make sure your room is clean and aired out. There are several benefits to maintaining a clean room: a clean room can help prevent allergy-related episodes, fend off depression and fatigue, and bolster productivity.

Organize your notes, take out the trash, and do all the little things that help you feel more human and put together.

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Strike up a conversation with someone in the dining hall/laundry room/etc! There are bound to be fewer people on campus, so use this opportunity to really get to know someone new.

Also, be on the lookout for any on or off campus events! There might be local poetry readings, museums, concerts, or shows to check out. Try attending a meeting for a new club or pick up that hobby you’ve been meaning to start for months. Personally, I will be using this Thanksgiving break to 1) write more blog posts (of course!) 2) bake and 3) finally start learning some Python. Other free online resources include:


Gather your fellow on-campus friends and acquaintances and invite them to a potluck! If you have access to a kitchen, try baking banana bread. If the kitchen is large enough, you could host a cooking party as well — see this website for some affordable recipes. There’s nothing like making a delicious mess to bring a group of people together.

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Above all, enjoy your campus Thanksgiving and let us know what your favorite Thanksgiving activity is!

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