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november weekend

Happy Friday, everyone! This week was definitely a busy one, and I’m glad we made it to the weekend together. Here are some things I found interesting this past week:

on the blog

on the web

  • coconut cream pie (molly yeh)
    • I don’t even like coconut, but Molly’s gorgeous photos and warm writing make this appealing. Also, I love the inclusion of black cats!
  • review of meal kit startup chef’d (techcrunch)
    • I’m on a meal plan, so I won’t be signing up for a meal kit anytime soon, but this still looks intriguing! I’ve always enjoyed the idea of neatly organized food. I believe this interest stems all the way back to a) Lunchables and b) one of the Oz books. I can’t remember which one it was, but it included a description about trees bearing lunchboxes. The lunchboxes included neatly wrapped sandwiches, fruit, etc, which I found amazing.
  • every extra petite post (jean wang)
    • Jean is a major inspiration, and she writes with such poise and intent.

IMG_5315 Lead into the Weekend

Weekend Challenge

Go for a bike ride / walk! It’s way, way too easy to let physical health slip during midterm season (or any stressful time), but it’s important not to neglect yourself. I snapped the above photo on the way to class (mid-stride, which explains why it’s – er – artfully blurred towards the bottom) as a reminder to myself to go out and experience the weather before the Northeast winter kicks in.

angelina-litvin-45113 Lead into the Weekend

What are your plans for the weekend? I have a paper to write, but I’m determined to spend some time outside (+ inside watching some movies).

lo-copy-1-150x150 Lead into the Weekend

pinit_fg_en_rect_red_28 Lead into the Weekend

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