8 October Favorites


Happy Wednesday! We enjoyed these October favorites this past month:

fall-copy 8 October Favorites

Fall is my favorite season. The leaves here have finally begun to change colors, and I’m trying to enjoy them fully before the wind inevitably strips the trees.  I love when the leaves exhibit a clear gradient as the reds smear into greens and yellows. I once thought I knew the science behind the color change but was subsequently told that the science was definitely Not Science. For those interested, here is some actual information including chemical structures that are bringing back memories of orgo.

rain 8 October Favorites

There’s definitely something calming about rainfall and the fresh feeling that it leaves behind. Falling asleep to the sound of raindrops is always something to look forward to.

boots-actual-final-1024x640 8 October Favorites

IMG_5273 8 October Favorites
Fun fact: I own probably 12 (maybe not that many, but definitely ≥5) nail polishes that are very similar to the shade above (Essie’s berry naughty for those interested). While the site claims it’s a “creamy deep luscious berry,” in person it’s more of a glossy red with maybe the slightest of purple undertones.

fuzzy-blanket-w-box-1024x809 8 October Favorites

p 8 October Favorites
As the caption above suggests, I have been oddly into SNL’s david s. pumpkins skit with Tom Hanks. There really is no logical reason for this fascination — other than, I suppose, the fact that it is so utterly bizarre. Tom Hanks aside, I adore seeing pumpkins, as they remind me of that one time I went to a pumpkin patch in kindergarten and came home with an apple pie. I didn’t know how to approach pumpkin patches back then — my elementary school actually had an annual fall fair called the Pumpkin Patch, so I blame the school administration for making me associate “Pumpkin Patch” with dunk tanks and raffles — or now, but I can still admire them from afar!

IMG_5294 8 October Favorites

I first discovered Philosophy’s cinnamon buns shampoo and shower gel in middle school. Although I’ve tried several of their other scents, I keep returning to this one, as it smells exactly like its label. Sometimes, other food-scented items have a chemical tang that reminds you that you should probably not eat the beauty product. This one? This one smells exactly like the pillowy soft, rich dessert it claims to resemble, which is both dangerous and wonderful. Please don’t eat this.

flicker-w-box-1024x646 8 October Favorites

Thanks for reading our October Favorites!

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