How to Maintain Your Professional Network

Hello, all! I’m here to help you maintain your professional network. Your professional network is an invaluable resource when it comes to getting into future programs, classes, and jobs. I’ve relied on my network for career advice, recommendation letters, coffee chats…in short: your network is incredibly useful. Someone you happened to meet that one afternoon in October might be the key to your next job!

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Waiting for MCAT Scores: Do’s and Don’ts

You took the MCAT! Yay! Now you can relax, hangout with your friends, and binge watch Netflix. Once that feeling of being done with the actual test fades, the anxiety of waiting for the scores begins. It’s a hard feeling, I know. The MCAT is an important exam for your medical school application and while you are waiting for your scores, there is nothing else that can be done. In order to stay sane, I recommend there are some things you want to do and others you want to avoid.

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How to Close Read a Literary Passage

close read

I remember the first time I heard the phrase “close read.” I was a sophomore in high school, and the extent of my English class experience had been memorizing plot facts, characters, and setting. I could identify the “setting,” the “climax,” and, if I was feeling fancy, the denouement of the story, but that was it. As I found out soon enough, however, memorizing the basic facts is not enough. What’s really exciting is the presentation of those facts, and that is where close reading (i.e. analysis) comes in.

Here, in the first installment of my writing series, I’ll share how I approach analyzing a shorter passage. I’ve seen pages upon pages of analysis written on a few paragraphs of text. There is always something to write about, and chances are, if your teacher has assigned this particular piece, there is sufficient material to work with.

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The Power of Setting Goals and How to Achieve Them

Most people begin the new year ready for change. They purchase gym memberships, find a new hobby, or touch up their resumes, but research names the second Friday in January as Quitter’s Day, the day when people begin to lose motivation with their New Year’s Resolutions. Goals are so important. They give us direction, make us think past the present moment, and allow us to actively to take steps towards self-improvement. That being said, it can be so difficult to stick to them and stay motivated. After the initial burst of excitement passes, it becomes harder and harder to not want to give up, but often this is a product of the way people go about achieving their goals.

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Lead into the Weekend

Happy weekend! I hope you all have had a wonderful December / year — how is it already almost 2018? I feel like every year goes faster and faster. This weekend, I will be relaxing, baking, and writing as much as humanly possible. I am determined to get the most out of this winter break as possible — and, for me, “most” might mean “least” and that’s perfectly fine. We all deserve a break!

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Insomnia and Stress: Coping Mechanisms

insomnia and stress

Hello, friends! I want to talk about something that’s affected me on and off over the past few years — and, yes, I know, a very cheery topic for the day after Christmas (for those who celebrate), but it’s an important one that I wish to address. Although – knock wood – I’ve been overall pretty lucky with sleep, there have definitely been nights where insomnia and stress were unavoidable. I want to share some techniques I use to cope with these issues in the hopes that they help some of you!

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FREE Winter Break Activities


Hi all and happy holidays! We’re here to suggest some FREE winter break activities to keep y’all entertained this winter (and beyond!). Note: we are not sponsored/compensated in any way — all of the following links are sources we actually use and recommend!

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Staying Motivated

Whether it’s school, work, or your personal life, there will inevitably be obstacles and difficulties that test your motivation. To succeed, we must move past them, but that’s much easier said than done. We have all come to the point of almost giving up but then found that last bit of motivation to persevere and continue. Staying motivated can be difficult and requires some self reflection, there are definitely ways to find it.

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MCAT Resource Review

When studying for the MCAT, it is important to find the resources that work the best for you. There are so many different companies and websites that it can become overwhelming and discouraging. When I studied for the MCAT, I used many different books and resources, which I felt was a good strategy. Not all books are the same, and the one that you should use depends on your personal goals for the MCAT.

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